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Eagle-eyed Stray players have noticed a couple of Skyrim references in the robot’s dialogue. 

As pointed out on Reddit, user ‘meatomato’ has found not one (opens in new tab) but two (opens in new tab) Skyrim references when exploring Stray’s various cyberpunk locations. If you want to see these references on your own, we suggest skipping over the following few paragraphs. Read on if you want to find out exactly where to find these exchanges. 

The first of the two references can be found when talking to the robot Jenkins who says: “Some may call this junk. Me, I call them treasures.” If you’re a Skyrim fan, you will instantly recognise the line as a nod to Belethor of Belethor’s General Goods. To make Jenkins say the line for yourself, head to the Antville section of Stray and use the bucket to get down to the floor where Jenkins can be found gardening with another robot, Moka. 

think_i_found_a_skyrim_easter_egg from r/stray

Just a short while after ‘meatomato’ found this reference, they went back to the Stray subreddit to share another discovery they’ve made. The second of the two Skyrim references was made by Sojiro, who can be found sitting at the window of a local business in Midtown. When the little orange tabby meets Sojiro, the robot says: “I used to own a bar. It was the cosiest place. Until I took a screwdriver in the knee, and it’s closed now.” Which many of us now know as a reference to the arrow in the knee meme, originally from Skyrim. 

i_found_yet_another_skyrim_easter_egg from r/stray

It’s possible that this isn’t the only gaming reference for fans to find in Stray. As pointed out by the YouTube channel xGarbett (opens in new tab), there’s a chance that the inconspicuous crowbar sitting on the seat of the subway carriage (in between Antville and Midtown) could be Gordon Freeman’s Crowbar from Half-Life. It’s much more subtle than the Skyrim references, but we’re betting there’s much more hidden in the recently released game.

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